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Hot Takes: ignite your insights in 10 minutes flat!

Think of it as the espresso shot of the conference: quick, potent, and guaranteed to wake you up to new ideas. In less than an hour, we're serving up a selection of speakers, each with 10 minutes to drop knowledge bombs that will leave you buzzing.

Kelly Benish — From keywords to conversations: how AI is redefining local search
AI is shifting the focus from keywords to comprehensive conversations, enhancing experiences and expectations. This segment explores the transformative role of AI in this realm, highlighting how businesses can effectively engage their local audience.

Brooke B. Sellas — Conversations that convert: how to use social media for more leads and sales
In this quick-fire session, Brooke Sellas, author of Conversations that Connect, will show you how to mine your social media conversations to find new leads and add more to the bottom line using organic social media.

Lindsay Tramel-Jones — How to transform your website’s design with the right metrics
From numbers on a spreadsheet to compelling design that brings joy to your users every time. It’s all about knowing where to look and what to look for. Learn how it’s done in 10 minutes.

Uxía Fernández Rodríguez — Minimum Viable Product (MVP) vs. Minimum Lovable Product (MLP)
This session discusses the trade-offs between delivering a functional product quickly (MVP) versus creating a more refined and customer-centric product (MLP) to ensure user delight and market attention.

Steffen Hedebrandt — Why attribution matters more than ever for B2B marketers
Steffen will reveal unique B2B customer journey benchmarks and trends and how they shape your marketing attribution strategy, ensuring growth and success.

Alina Vandenberghe — Using AI to thrive
Join Alina to learn how marketers at fast-growing companies are using AI to supercharge their go-to-market motions. This session will be packed with tools and tactics that have been tested by real marketers. No thought leadership fluff.

Speaker Kelly Benish
Kelly Benish

VP of Strategic Partnerships, NA, Uberall

Speaker Brooke Sellas
Brooke B. Sellas

Founder & CEO, B Squared Media

Speaker Lindsay Tramel Jones
Lindsay Tramel-Jones

Founder, Fierceified Creative & Consulting

Speaker Uxia Fernandez
Uxía Fernández Rodríguez

Product Lead, Adaptavist

Speaker Steffen Hedebrandt
Steffen Hedebrandt

CMO, Dreamdata

Speaker Alina V
Alina Vandenberghe

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Chili Piper

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